ARTSEIZE is a nonprofit championing emerging artists in Singapore.

The initiative was founded out of a frustration for the art market’s obscurity and exclusivity, as well as a desire to build a stronger community of artists in Singapore.

By partnering with businesses through an innovative and cost-effective art subscription service, ARTSEIZE is able to massively increase the opportunities for artists to display their artwork without the need to rely on commercial galleries, who typically take 40-50% commission from any sale. Should any sale be made through ARTSEIZE, we’re proud to say that the lion’s share belongs to the artist.

We transform interiors into showcases of artwork, and refresh spaces with newly curated collections every quarter. If you have a space that is hungry for artwork, please get in touch at This initiative is still very much in its infancy, but we’re excited about its potential. Support local emerging artists and fill your interiors with artwork!