Amanda Lapus Santos

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Amanda Lapus Santos (b. 1985) is a Brazilian-born Filipina visual artist who specialises in nature-inspired, expressionist paintings. After graduating with honours from the Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Communication (2006), she briefly took up etching with the Printmakers Association of the Philippines; and finished a visual arts course in LASALLE College of the Arts (2015). Particularly fond of doing murals, she has collaborated with other artists on walls in Vietnam, the Philippines; and for projects in Singapore, she works with the group Mural Lingo. She currently exhibits her works with DiLegno Gallery, and has been part of Art Trek 2016-2017, an annual showcase of works by resident artists, organised by the Philippine Embassy of Singapore. Currently, her new work explores themes ranging from motherhood to climate change, and incorporating recycled, mixed media to her pieces.