Trina Costes-Siojo

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Trina Costes-Siojo (b. 1986) is a DavaoeƱa artist from the Philippines.
Her first exposure and discovery of the arts happened through her childhood friend, who was studying oil painting under a summer program.
Fond of working with portraits, she is fascinated by the deep emotions and introspection evoked through shared gazes, facial expressions. For her, the human form especially the face, is the most memorized, familiar thing that we all see on a daily basis, that even the slightest distortion can bring about a certain level of interest to cause the viewer to emotionally respond to the subject.
She has dabbled with oil, acrylics, and currently, watercolor with her approach being characterized by free-hand strokes, drippings and splashes. She is in the process of constantly exploring and experimenting with different techniques.